Networked Production  

Tangible benefits:

• Productivity increased by up to 30%

• Modular solutions of any size

• Complete modular system of software modules

• Rapid response to new trends and customer requirements

• Less capital commitment

• Reduction in revolving stock

• Less space required in production

• Efficiency and transparency in data structures and sequences

• Efficient machines, efficient sequences, efficient software, efficient production!

ToolCloud Project 
In the future, individual tool information will be permanently available in the cloud in real time in the form of a digital tool identity card. This will allow both producers and users to access and analyze information on the running time and wear of the tools used over the tool’s complete life cycle. Thanks to these intelligent tools, the associated machine using the tool can identify exactly what the tool’s abilities are. This increases safety and human error is eliminated.

Industry 4.0 – Practical Application in the Woodworking Industry
For all of these processes, the HOMAG Group supplies the components from a single source: Both the machines with their highly developed control systems and the relevant software, from production engineering through to the sales process. An array of installations in daily operation the world over testifies to wide-ranging success and extensive benefits for the furniture industry as a whole.

By implementing “networked production”, the HOMAG Group is already fulfilling many of the aspects of the “Future Project Industry 4.0”, and is also heavily involved in a number of joint research projects. Overall, the furniture industry may claim to be further advanced in some areas in the implementation of Industry 4.0 than sectors such as the metalworking industry. One area where this applies particularly is in the field of batch size 1 production.

But despite these successes, there is no denying that networked production, and in the future Industry 4.0, poses whole new challenges to industry. The most serious of these is the issue of data security. Greater attention must be paid to this aspect, both on the part of machine manufacturers and software suppliers, and also by machine and plant operators. The HOMAG Group has always attached particular importance to the issue of security, where it has been a central concern in areas such as teleservicing. This is also a focal theme of the HOMAG Group’s in-depth involvement within the framework of the Industry 4.0 project.